Dentures in Wetherby

If you are missing several teeth or a full arch of your teeth, dentures can be used to replace the function and appearance of your natural teeth...

    It's important to replace missing teeth...

    If left untreated, your chewing and speaking will be affected, as additional strain is put on teeth either side of the gap, and your bite can become misaligned. The missing teeth and bone can also cause your face to sag and look older, and you could end up losing further teeth.

        What are the advantages of dentures?

        There are a number of benefits to choosing dentures to replace your missing teeth.

        • You will have a full, natural-looking smile
        • Dentures are durable and long-lasting
        • They enable you to eat more foods and speak comfortably
        • They can easily be removed
        • They give support to any remaining teeth

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          How do I look after my dentures?

          Dentures must be looked after as if they were your natural teeth. Plaque can develop on dentures in much the same way as it can on natural teeth, which can put you at risk of gum disease.

          With removable dentures, we recommend you take them out and clean them thoroughly with a soft brush. They should then be rinsed and soaked overnight in a denture cleaner.

          Remember to keep your mouth clean too, by gently brushing your gums and tongue with a soft brush and rising with a mouthwash.

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